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What I need to know about online purchase using credit card?

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Please take note of the following terms and conditions that will apply for purchases made from the TicketWorld web site or from any mobile device connected to the TicketWorld servers.

A.) For ticket buyers who chose

“Pickup by an authorized representative”

Please advise your representative to claim your ticket/s at  TicketWorld head office and present the following Requirements;

1. Present the credit card used in the purchase.
2. Two government issued ID’s with photo and signature.
Ex. Driver’s license, Passport and SSS ID.
Authorization Letter (Signed by the Credit Card owner and the authorized representative – authorizing the bearer to receive the ticket/s on your behalf.)

B.)  For ticket buyers who chose “Pickup at an outlet / venue”

You  will be required to present the original credit card used to make the purchase along with two (2) government issued ID’s with photo.

If you selected "Pickup at an outlet" but with a representative, please read letter (A) above.

C.) For ticket buyers who chose
“Delivery by courier”

1. Clear copy of   two (2) government-issued IDs (BIR TIN Card not acceptable) – Please sign the photocopy three (3) times for signature verification purposes (to match signature on the ID’s)

2. Clear copy of  the credit card (front & back) used.
Please make sure to erase the credit card first 12 digits and the security no. ( CVV code) before sending to us.

3. If delivery address is different from the address on the ID’s or address you registered with us, please write down the delivery address on the photo copies and indicate as such.

4. If the name on the credit card used for the transaction is NOT the Registered Account Owner (the person who created the account in the TicketWorld website), please fax or email the following additional documents:

a) Authorization Letter from the credit card owner allowing the Registered Account Owner use of his/her credit card to purchase the ticket/s.

b)  A government-issued ID of the Registered Account Owner.

Please indicate your “order number” in all communications with our Customer Service Department.
The order number can be found on the Confirmation/Invoice that was emailed to you after you completed your purchase.
TicketWorld retains the right not to release the tickets to buyers who are unable to comply with the requirements above OR when there is a suspicion of a fraudulent transaction.


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