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Ticket Protect

TicketWorld is proud to present Ticket Protect!

Every time you make a ticket purchase, we consider it an investment. Ticket Protect allows event goers to secure their ticket investment, and protect it from unforeseen circumstances. In the unfortunate chance that a ticket buyer is unable to attend the event because of automobile trouble, bad weather or illness, investing in Ticket Protect grants them a 100% reimbursement of their ticket!

Add Ticket Protect to your next ticket purchase and protect your ticket investment!

For more information on Ticket Protect, and our other services, feel free to call our hotline
at +639 8891.9999 or email us at tickets@ticketworld.com.ph

The Event Ticket Protector is designed to protect your event ticket investment by protecting you against unforeseen medical, travel and other circumstances that would cause you to cancel your entertainment plans.

Ticket Protect is a protection cover wherein you will be reimbursed 100% of the ticket price (not inclusive of service charges) if you suddenly cannot attend the Show due to any of the following :

  a) Unforeseen Serious Injury or Serious Sickness or compulsory quarantine;
b) Family Member’s death, Serious Injury or Sickness or compulsory quarantine, which will require ticket purchaser’s presence on the day of the Show or Concert;
c) Serious damage to principal residence of the ticket purchaser from Fire, Burglary, Flood, Windstorm, Typhoon and Earthquake which require ticket purchaser to be present at the Principal Residence on the date of Show or Concert.
d) Natural Catastrophes that reasonably prevent the ticket purchaser from attending the Show or Concert as a consequence of the conditions of the road and the likes which may endanger the life of the ticker purchaser.
e) Ticket purchaser suffers automobile breakdown on the day of the Show or Concert provided that the breakdown is notified to a roadside recovery service or placed under repair in a garage.
f) Ticket purchaser is suddenly and unexpectedly required by ticket purchaser’s employer to undertake a business trip.
What is the Effectivity Date of my Ticket Protect?
Ticket Protect takes effects or coverage begins from the date of purchase of the ticket. Coverage ends at the moment the Show or Concert ends.

If I was unable to attend the show, how can I claim?
You would need to submit the following documents (depending on the particular incident)

  a. The original un-used ticket of that Show or Concert.
b. In case of sickness, Medical Certification
c. In case of fire, confirmation of the fire from fire department or natural catastropes from local or national government authority. Photos of the affected place or affidavit of witnesses may be required.
d. In case of Burglary claim, an official police report is required.
e. In case of automobile breakdown, letter of confirmation or bill copy to establish that roadside recovery service has been notified or automobile is placed under repair.
f. In case of Business trip, confirmation from the company of the business trip date and schedule.


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