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3D Secure Technology - General Information


1. What is 3D Secure?
3D Secure is an online payment security technology that aims to reduce online credit card fraud. Online merchants that use the technology display the following logos on their sites.

2. Do all e-commerce sites use 3D Secure?
No, but TicketWorld will deploy this technology starting January 18, 2016
Online merchants can choose whether to use 3D Secure, however, more and more e-commerce sites are deploying 3D Secure on their sites.

3. Why is there a new 3D Secure?
The 3D Secure applies to VISA and Master card only. This initiative aims to provide additional security for online purchases by not allowing unauthorized use of credit card.

4. How does this affect how I transact on the TicketWorld site?
Each time you make an online purchase, you will enter a “One-Time-Password” ( OTP ) or password that is sent to you by your issuing bank via SMS that is valid for that transaction only OR you will enter your preregistered credit card pin number*. With this additional security measure, the new 3D Secure verifies that you, the cardholder, are the one making the purchase and that your card is not being used fraudulently.
*if you are not sure which you are registered under, please contact your issuing bank.

5. How do I receive the single-use code?
For each purchase, you will receive the code via SMS from your issuing bank.

6. Which credit cards can I use on the TicketWorld site?
You can use all of your Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

7. Can I use 3D Secure with a business or company credit card?
Yes, all Visa and MasterCard credit cards can use 3D Secure.

1. How do I activate the new 3D Secure?
Please contact your issuing bank in order to register for 3D Secure

2. I received an activation code but the system won't accept it. What should I do?

•    You may have entered the wrong activation code. You have 3 tries before the code is blocked. Verify your code (capital and lower-case letters, numbers). Verify that the activation code corresponds to the credit card displayed on the screen.

•    The activation code may no longer be valid (after 30 days). For security reasons, the activation code has expired and you must request a new one.

•    The activation may be blocked. If so, please contact your bank.
3. What is the personal message for and what are the requirements?
The personal message systematically appears during each online purchase to reassure you that you are visiting a legitimate 3D Secure payment site.

To create your personal message (maximum length of 50 characters), you can use:
•    Letters from A to Z (capital and lower-case)
•    Spaces
4. Can I enter 2 mobile phone numbers?
No, only one mobile phone number can be entered per card.
1. I didn't receive an SMS with my single-use code. What should I do?
First, verify the quality and coverage of your mobile network.
If you do not receive your SMS within a few minutes, please begin the purchase / transaction process again.
Finally, verify your mobile phone number in your issuing bank.

2. I received an SMS with my single-use code but the system doesn't accept it. What should I do?
First, verify that the code in the SMS matches the code entered on the screen.
If the problem persists, please begin the purchase / transaction process again.
Do you have further questions?
Please contact your bank.

Promotional Code

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Since JANUARY 18, 2017, TicketWorld website implements the 3D Secure technology to process ALL credit cards including International cards for online payment transactions to avoid misuse of your credit card.

This 3D Secure environment will require a One-Time-Password “OTP” when purchasing on our website that you will key in for each transaction. This OTP will be sent to you through SMS by your issuing bank. PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR ISSUING BANK REGARDING ENROLLMENT OF YOUR CARD FOR “OTP”.
It’s EASY!