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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is 3D Secure?

How can I be certain that my ticket purchase has been properly recorded?
A: Once you have made a purchase, our system will send you a confirmation email and will send us an update. In the case that you did not get an email, feel free to call us our hotline +632 8891.9999 or email us at tickets@ticketworld.com.ph with your name and your Order Number and we can check if our system has recorded your purchase.

Q: How does the ticket system choose the “Best Available” seat it is offering online?
A: Our ticketing system program is equipped with an algorithm that reads the seat map and generates the best seats. The algorithm takes into account the number of tickets sold, price zones and the type of event (Play, concert, recital, film etc). For a more specific seat choice, please visit one of our outlets so that you can view our seat map and availability in real time.

Q: How much time do I have to make my choice?
A: The ticket system will hold the online selected seats for 10 minutes before it is released and made available again.

Q: Are the prices at TicketWorld outlets the same as the online prices?
A: Yes. The prices will be the same , unless, there is a special promotion that is exclusive to online or mobile purchases.

Q: Is the seat/ticket availability the same at the outlets and online?
A: Yes. We are equipped with the latest ticketing system that functions in real time. Once a ticket is purchased or reserved, all of our outlets including our website will update.

Q: Can I buy a ticket at any time of day?
A: Our outlet hours are 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM however, you can purchase your ticket online or through your mobile device or tablet - 24 hours of the day.

Q: What do I need to know about the online credit card purchase?
A: We can assure that our purchase gateways are 100% secure and trustworthy. However, if you have any inhibitions please read the following - Click here!

New FAQs:

Q: How do I purchase on my phone?
A: Once you enter www.ticketworld.com.ph from your mobile phone or tablet, it will redirect you to our easy-to-browse mobile optimized website. You can now search events by venue or by genre. Once you have selected your event, you just tap the “BUY” button and you enter your credit card information from there. You will get a confirmation email following your purchase.

Q: Are there Student/Senior Citizen/Diplomat Discounts?
A: Yes and No. These discounts vary from event to event. Some events will offer them, some will not. These discounts will be clearly indicated on our “Event Details” section.

Q: How Do I Become a TicketWorld Student Ambassador?
A: If you are a 1st Year or 2nd Year university student with a passion for performance arts and are active in the social media sphere, give us a shout at marketing@ticketworld.com.ph and we will gladly give you more information!

TicketWorld Language (Our Terms and their definitions)

Order Number:
Each ticket reservation and purchase has a unique order number. This number appears at the top portion of your “Shopping Cart” and on your invoice print out. Our hotline agents also give the same type of order number to you when you make a reservation. It is important for you to hang on to this number in order to claim your reservation.

Customer Number:
When a customer makes a purchase or reservation, our system will request you to input your information. This information is assigned to a number unique to each Customer. We use this to keep track of our subscribers, and release special discounts and promos.

Ticket Protect:
Ticket insurance that gives you 100% reimbursement in the case that you can not attend an event due to unforeseen circumstances. The ticket buyer as an “add on” to their ticket purchases this.

Pick-up at the Venue:
If a customer buys their ticket online they have the option of picking their tickets up, at the TicketWorld Venue Box Office, on the day of the event.

Pick-up at the Outlet:
If you buy your ticket online, you can choose the option of picking up your ticket at the outlet closest to you.

The option of printing your tickets from you own ordinary printer. (Not available for all events)

The TicketWorld Call Center you can reach us at +632 8891.9999

Our “branches” where you can purchase, pick up and reserve tickets.
Click here for a list of all our outlets.

If the ticket was purchased online, we may ask for verification on the day of the event, where we will ask for your Valid ID, a copy of the credit card used and/or your student/senior citizens ID if discounts apply.

Price Zones:
The different seat sections (that differ in price) available at the events.

Best Available Seat:
System generated seats that take into account, price zone, event type and availability.

Seat Map:
The seat layout and allocation for a show venue


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