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Ticket Printing & Design

Do you need tickets for an event or an out of town concert?

We can serve your needs. We can print your tickets in less than a day!
That's right, provide us the ticket information and we will do the rest.

We will even send the finished tickets to you by courier.

All tickets will be printed on the generic TicketWorld stock.
No colors. We will re-create your logo (if required) in bitmap. We do everything in elegant black.

Thermal-Tickets with your LOGO!
We also offer tickets with your company or event logo on it. This is applicable for theme parks, water parks, zoos, and also in production companies and organizations with abundant requirements or a year-round continuos ticket selling. (Enchanted Kingdom, Sky Experience Adventure (SEA) in Cebu, Repertory Philippines). This offer is for bulk orders only!

BELOW: A sample of ticket stock (width 5.5 in. x height 2.468 in.)

What is Thermal-Ticket?
The front of our ticket is the thermal portion, through heat printing (via our ticket printers) the images are made. The back portion of our ticket have a watermark not visible to the eye, but when exposed to UV lights - the word "TicketWorld" appears. With that, you know that your ticket is "original" or genuine.


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