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Dinosaurs Island (Clark & Baguio)
and Holy Land (Baguio)

Schedule / Venue
Dinosaurs Island
Clark, Pampanga
Clark Freeport Zone , Gil Puyat Ave., Clark FreePort Zone, Pampanga
Monday to Sunday, 9am to 5pm

Dinosaurs Island  
Baguio Eco Park, Inc., Badiwan, Tuba, Benguet
Monday to Sunday , 9am to 5pm

Holy Land
Baguio Eco Park, Inc., Badiwan, Tuba, Benguet
Monday to Sunday , 9am to 5pm
Entrance Fee
  Dinosaurs Island
(Clark, Pampanga)

P 350 / head (Regular Price)

Dinosaurs Island 

P 350 / head (Regular Price)

Holy Land

P 350 / head (Regular Price)
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  • Venue rules and regulations apply.
Attraction Details
• Open for all ages.
• With parental supervision for kids.
• Free entrance for children 2 feet and below.

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Dinosaurs Island (Clark)
The Philippine's first-ever ANIMATRONICS dino amusement theme park
Go back in time and see how dinosaurs come back to life again. Experience this dinosaur era, where gigantic and life-size dinosaurs roam. Be adventurous and discover the various dino-stories, watch the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex roam around the land and get up close with your favorite Spynosaurus, Stegosaurus, Iguanodon and Triceratops and other dino species.

Dino Trail (with Tour Guide)
Enter the Dinosaurs Island and follow the forest trail to learn more about the dinosaur era and over 30 species of moving dinosaurs display. Enjoy fun dino guided tour and get up close with your favorite dinosaurs. • Fossil Museum - Discover mounted giant dinosaur fossils and over 4 skeletons that will help you understand more about the age of dinosaurs. • Adventure Ride - Ever wondered how it feels to ride a dinosaur? Well, here's your chance! Experience the exciting and thrilling first ever dino ride in the Philippines. • World of Fun - Have fun and watch these gigantic creatures come to life. Using the latest animatronics technology similar to the techniques used in the movies. We can make our dinosaurs run and move.


Dinosaurs Island (Baguio)
See up close and interact with the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex, Spynosaurus and other species with the magic of ANIMATRONICS  TECHNOLOGY.

Holy Land
The Garden of Eden is described by the Book of Genesis as being the place where the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, were created by God and lived until they fell and were expelled. In the Qur'an it is simply called the Garden.

Built during the Old Kingdom of Egypt, the pyramids were meant to shelter the pharaohs in the afterlife. The Egyptians believed the pharaoh had a connection with the gods of Egypt and could intercede on behalf of the people with the gods even in the underworld.

Moses Walk, Burning Bush and the 10 Commandments
According to the Book of Exodus, Moses was born in a time when his people, the Children of Israel, were increasing in numbers.  The Egyptian Pharaoh was worried that they might help Egypt's enemies. Moses' Hebrew mother, Jochebed, hid him when the Pharaoh ordered all newborn Hebrew boys to be killed. The child was adopted as a foundling by the Egyptian royal family.
After killing an Egyptian slavemaster, Moses fled across the Red Sea to Midian, where he encountered the God of Israel in the form of a "burning bush".

It is a living story that takes you in Jerusalem to the land of the Bible.  This is a scenic combination of actual life-size characters, sights and sounds that will stimulate your senses to create a saintly experience.
From the first station where Jesus is condemned to death to the fourteenth station where Christ is laid in His tomb

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